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Intelligent Dialing for people in motion.

Dialing when walking is dangerous because you focus on very small buttons to find a name in your address book before you even can start to phone.

In the best case you will find the name
In a worse case you find a lamppost
Even worse you find a bus
(or the bus finds you)

The IOD App for iPhone allows you to find any name in your address book with less concentration on the phone display.

Using this App you will find the correct name and make your call instead of putting yourself in danger because you need to focus on your phone. Think about the last call you needed to do whilst driving your car.

IOD gives you 3 huge buttons to find any contact in your address book

When you found the contact you can decide to call or send a mail

You find a contact and dial with one hand - no need to concentrate on a small keyboard with 26 small buttons.

With a little training you can even use it blind and keep your focus where it needs to be. walking, watching something , traffic, ..

Design Principals are
big buttons, zero complexity, fast loading, easy to understand

IOD can work with international character sets

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IOD Version 1.0


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Aktualisiert: 12.04.2011

Please note that it might not be allowed in your country to dial a phone when you a car. This application is not built to overcome these local policies.

Get the Try Version of IOD
The Try Version will display a link to the appstore in 30% of all IOD executions

How does it work?

IOD uses 3 buttons to find the contact you are looking for. You have to spell the name but in a different way.

You do not enter the single letter with a keyboard - you only describe the look of the letter in a very simple way. (it takes only very small time to get used to this simple way of spelling)

  • Is it a square letter like A or F or X?
    PRESS the I BUTTON (A,E,F,I,K,L,M,N,T,V,W,X,Y,Z)

  • Is it a round letter like O or C or G?
    PRESS the O BUTTON (C,G,O,Q,S,U)

  • or is it a mixture like P or R which has round elements and lines?
    PRESS the D BUTTON (B,D,J,P,R)

  • Most international Characters are supported
    "øØ" for instance will be translated to O, "ç" will be translated to "C"
    Greek, Arab, Hebrew, Cyrill letters are not supported
You "spell" the single letters of the name until you find the name in the list of results or until the end of the name.

When you have reached the end of the name you can press finish and reduce the number of hits to only name with the same number of letters.

You open the contact with tapping on it and you will be able to dial any number or send an email to the stored email address.

You can start a new search with the button reset.

This application has been tested with more than 1200 contacts in an address book. The initial loadtime to full function is far less than 0.2 sec using an iPhone 4G. It was also tested with 1200 records an iPhone 3G where the load time was around 2-3 seconds.